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rocky mountain high

Denver, Colorado

first family vacation of three

We recently got back from our trip to see my sister who lives in Colorado.  We had such an amazing time. I am a firm believer that money should be spent on experiences, not things. (and luckily my husband is too!)  It was a last minute decision to go, but I am so glad we did. Nothing can beat time well spent with family–and in a beautiful setting.





Highlights from our trip:

baby’s first plane ride

..and my first one without having a panic attack!  I have an irrational fear of heights and of flying. I have flown countless times in my life, but everytime I fly, I end up crying because I am so terrified!  Well this time was different, folks. The mama in me was 100% focused on my baby and making sure she was okay.  My goal was to make sure she was sucking on her pacifier, as her pediatrician recommended this to help her ears adjust to the pressure changes.  She did great and she slept the whole trip! I think she liked the roaring hum of the engine.

*A tip for any moms needing to travel with the DockATot: the weekender Mossimo duffle bags at Target are PERFECT for tucking your DockATot into and using as your carry on.  I had originally bought it to use as my hospital bag, but to my surprise it was perfect for traveling with the dock! here’s a similar one to mine

(read how I get my baby to sleep at night, here!)

Cousin love

My daughter got to spend so much time with her older cousin, who happens to be very active toddler.  He absolutely loved “his baby” as he liked to call her. He would get home from daycare and immediately ask where she was. From giving her hugs to poking her eye, you could tell how much he loved her.

It was such a treat to spend time with him, since I don’t get to see him very often. He loves cars, planes, and helicopters. He is the sweetest thing! Your Aunt Lee Lee loves you, buddy! Eventually he said my name, and it did all kinds of good to my heart.  The best thing in the world is being a momma, but the second best is being an aunt.

Sissy time

I am so blessed to have such a great relationship with my older sis, + I can honestly say we are the best of friends. Now, it hasn’t always been this way, as we are siblings, but as we have grown into adulthood, we share a bond like no other.  She understands me more than anyone else in this world (except for my husband).  It was so wonderful to be together! And so wonderful to raid her closet. Oh hi, Nordstrom.

Concert At Red Rocks

We had the incredible opportunity to hear the Colorado Symphony Orchestra play at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, per request of my husband. Actually, per demand of my husband. But I guess he deserves something special for putting up a week with my family.  (kidding!)

Anyway, this was my daughter’s first ever concert, and Mozart it was!

I had no idea what to wear to a classical concert at an outdoor venue.  Being the musician I am, I believe one should “dress up” when attending any type of professional concert. But, like I said, this venue was outside, so what’s a girl to do?!  Turns out, the folks in Colorado went with more casual attire, and luckily I did too.  So if the rare chances are that you are headed to Red Rocks to hear a symphony, you can wear your shorts, bring a bebe, and still be within the guidelines of “concert ettiequte.”

First Swim

Baby absolutely loved her first time swimming. It was the cutest thing watching her kick and splash, and see wonder filled as she experienced first the very first time.

As a new mom, I had a constant concern that her fair-skinned-self would get sunburned.  I kept her doused in babyganics sunscreen, and had a hat on that strawberry-blonde head of hers. (at least I think it’s strawberry blonde. It seems to change every day. Is it bad I don’t even know what color my own daughter’s hair is?!)

Anyway, to my surprise, she did not get burned.

Side note: I  had an irrational fear that she was going to accidentally swallow pool water and get very ill with e. coli.  Oh the places my mind can take me sometimes…

An awesome app to create memories

Our entire trip, my sister was intentional about taking short, one second clips of our time together. She discovered the neatest app to document our visit to Denver. It’s called “One Second Everyday.” Check it out! One Second Every Day

Finally, our time in Colorado also included, but was not limited to: several shopping sprees (oops), brunches, smores from a microwave, twinkle-light evenings, blow up kiddie pools, exploring a Montessori playroom, long walks, a solo trip up a fourteener (my husband, not me), public transportation, a girls night out,

and, of course, loads of love.


We had a perfect trip to the mile high city! Can’t wait to go back soon.


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