3 tips for timeless maternity pictures

I am one of those strange people who actually enjoyed (for the most part) being pregnant. Having a life grow from inside of me was amazing, miraculous, and humbling….all at once.

There were so many things I loved about being pregnant, and one of them was taking maternity pictures. I’ve always loved doing little “photoshoots” with my friends,  so the fact that I got to pay a professional to photograph something I loved so much– my pregnancy–was such a treat!

maternity photos

3 tips for timeless maternity pictures:

1. ditch the props

Don’t get me wrong, props can be so cute for maternity pictures, you know the ones —babies shoes, monogrammed onesies (for all you southerns), ultrasound pics, nursery decor, ect.  I just personally didn’t want to incorporate any in our photos. If you want a more timeless and classic look, let your bump be your guide.

2. dress like you

I’ve noticed that the current trend for maternity pictures is a mama-to-be wearing an all-lace maxi dress with a floral crown adorned upon her head. While gorgeous, that style just isn’t “me.” I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to wear for my pictures, because the only maternity photos I had seen were the ones with moms-in-maxis. After several hours wasted on Pinterest,  I decided to just where whatever I wanted, and whatever was the most “me.”  My best advice to you is, wear what YOU feel comfortable and confident in.  (not that anyone 30 weeks pregnant feels confident in how they look…and if you do, I’d love to know your secret).

3. the bump is beautiful

My only regret with my maternity photos is that I took them a little bit too early.  I was so excited, that I scheduled them for when I was only 29-30 weeks pregnant. My bump was much more prominent and in-yo-face around 36 weeks.   I suggest waiting as long as you can. Unless your baby comes early,  that to which I would be sorry for my unfortunate advice. 🙂

I hope you are truly enjoying your pregnancy, and if you aren’t, I encourage you to start.

 I know that it’s hard…and exhausting… and nauseating, and down right gross sometimes, but it’s only for a season, and will pass all too quickly, mama. In fact, you might even find yourself surprised + suddenly missing the little kicks and wiggles from inside your womb.

And hopefully, one day, you’ll have your beautiful maternity pictures to look back at and reflect upon the miracle that was your pregnancy.

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Photographer: Sara Renee Photography

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