the things I don’t want to forget

hello, beautiful readers.

I have had an emotional weekend in the land of motherhood. It has suddenly hit me that my newborn baby is turning seven months old this week. And seven months is closer to a year old. And closer to a year old is closer to graduating high school, and then college, and then married.

Whew, okay. Not there yet.

The other day, when someone asked my husband how old my baby was, he responded,

“Almost seven months.”

And rightfully so. She is almost seven months. But this momma’s heart sank. Can’t she just stay 6 months old forever?

So, I just want to take a moment, and record all of the little things I don’t want to forget.

don't want to forget

Baby girl,

I love the way you say “Da-da” all day long. I don’t even care that you didn’t say “Ma-ma” first, because hearing you babble is the most wonderful sound. As of September 2nd, you can officially crawl! Well, technically scoot, but you can move from one end of the room to the other. You are so excited about this, too. In fact, you wake up in the middle of the night and you crawl out of your DockATot and into my arms. It melts my heart.

Today, you just wanted to be held. All day. By Momma. And I loved that. I have had many things to do, but I put those aside + that was okay, because you now have two teeth-ies coming in, and I just wanted to comfort and nurture you.

If I had to describe you in three words those would be: jolly, feisty, and determined.

Jolly because you are the happiest baby I have ever seen. It seems as if everything in this world excites you! You do the cutest thing when you get super happy, and that is, you start kicking your legs really really fast.  It’s beyond adorable.  Feisty, because you are 6 months old and your personality has already shined through. You definitely have your mother’s sass. And my oh my, how my girl is determined.  Whenever you want something, you go for it with all of your might, and you do not give up.

Your favorite things are: your stuffed bunny/any stuffed animals, going to church and hearing the music, momma’s milk, having your belly tickled, and your pacifier. Let it be known that you love your pacifier as a toy, not necessarily as something to pacify you. You actually have mini conversations with your paci. It’s totally adorable and bizarre at the same time.

You had your first sickness—an ear infection. I don’t know how this happened, but it has broken my heart. Good news, though, you no longer hate the car seat! In fact, sometimes I think you enjoy it!

Everywhere we go, people tell me how beautiful and adorable you are. They especially love that gorgeous head of (now strawberry blonde) hair of yours.

You, my precious girl, won’t always be 6 months old. But you will always be my baby.

You are so loved.


Now, let’s see if I can read a Nancy Tillman book this week without crying.


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