how to make a simple gift for grands

This past weekend was my husband’s first father’s day… today I am sharing about our fun
day and a darling grandparent’s gift idea.

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This past weekend we celebrated father’s day, and it was my husband’s very first one! We started the day off with loads of bacon + gouda cheese grits.  My husband would say that any day with bacon is a great day—-and so I knew that his first father’s day had to include this delicious-pig-meat-delicasey.

In the afternoon, my husband, his brother, and his dad went “skeet shooting” (whatever that is) and then in the evening, we celebrated with my dad!

Anybody that knows me, knows I am a complete daddy’s girl. Don’t get me wrong, my momma is my best friend… but, a daddy’s girl I am.

So, when thinking about what I wanted to get my dad for father’s day, I wanted it to be very special.

Originally I thought I would just give him a framed picture of his two grandkids together, but come to find out, there actually aren’t any pictures of them together. My sis lives on the opposite side of the country, so we had to come up with another way to incorporate both grandkids in one framed gift….

and so we did!

personalized grandparents gift

gift for grands


grandparents gift

gift for grandparents

(he loved his gift so much he wanted a picture with it! how sweeeet)

here’s how we made it:

(although it’s pretty self explanatory)

We took pictures with letters we bought from Michaels, and found a frame that would fit the five letters of  the word, “Papaw.”  We originally tried to get the exact same letters/font, but the Michael’s in my town and the Michael’s in her town didn’t carry the same letters! We ended up having to get mismatched letters. However, it still turned out adorable.

I actually believe the different fonts make it look more “grandkiddish”–  if thats a word 🙂

letters from michaels here

5 space photo frame

4 frame photo frame

I love how grandparents nowadays have such fun and interesting names for themselves. Mimi,  Gaga, ZeeZee, Gigi, Granna, Grammy, Papa, Gramps, Pops, ect… (confession… sometimes I daydream about what I want to be called when I am a grandmother)

One day.

In the very far future.

I realize that’s probably really silly, but there are just so many fun and cutesy names out there–it’s fun to dream.  Anyway, I love this gift idea because you can personalize it however you want.

In the end, my dad loved it, and I think my momma secretly wants one, too 🙂

 behind the scenes/bloopers for your enjoyment 🙂







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Do you know of any other cute and personalized grandparent’s gift ideas?  I would love to know!


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