family day at the market


Sundays are my favorite days of the week! I get to spend them at church + then spend the afternoon getting ready for the week or doing something fun with my family!

This Sunday we took a little family trip to the market!

I first discovered my love of “markets” when I lived in France in 2013. EVERY Friday they had this huge market in the village full of absolutely LOVELY things. I would even get to walk there from my darling French house.

french market photos.. a la marche!

day at the market


Family day at the Market

It was the “food truck” day at the market, and food trucks FILLED the streets. (I think that’s why my husband wanted us to go–HE LOVES TRYING NEW FOODS) BUT, by the time we arrived, several of the trucks had run out of food. I suppose that’s good for business, but bad for us! It was completely packed out, perhaps because of memorial day weekend.  This was my first time pushing a stroller around a crowded area, and it was kinda nice. People seem to get out of your way more when you are pushing one around! Move over people.

I am so glad I went with the Chicco 360 key fit  jogging stroller. It’s so easy to navigate and lifts easily over bumps and curbs. Her car seat clicks right into it.  A friend recommended it and we love it..  Car Seat and Stroller I also hope to start actually jogging/running again soon.  Perhaps when I’m done nursing..


family day at marketday at the marketday at the market

day at the marketday at the market


afternoon pick me up..

On the way out, we stopped at a Food Truck called “Spill The Beans”  It wasn’t really a food truck, but a COFFEE TRUCK!  We got some delicious iced coffee for the road. Baby girl HATES the car seat, so having a happy cup of coffee was  hopefully going to help with the misery of hearing her cry.


day at the marketday at the market

family day at market

Every time we go to the market, we like to purchase the local goat cheese. Usually we buy honey goat, but they ran out (popular day) so we went with original. I added honey on top when I got home, + it did the trick!

I first discovered my love of goat cheese in France, and I am so glad I did.

Before we left, my husband purchased hot sauce + I got a little handmade bib for my baby. It’s super cute–it has unicorns on it! She’s starting to teethe and she is drooling e v e r y w h e r e .

family day at market

It was a long day for the little one– church + long car ride + then the hot and crowded market.  Luckily she end up napping for about 5 hours when we got home! She was all tuckered out.

We had a great first family day at the market, we can’t wait to go back!

family day at market

(sleepy girl after church!)



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