Hi, I’m Leah!

And I’m a brand new mom!

I became a mom as of February 2017, and it has completely rocked my world and changed my life in the very best way possible.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and being creative. When I had my daughter, I felt inspired to write all about her life and our life as a happy family of three 🙂

I want to document and remember all the little moments I have with her and share them with the world. And who knows, maybe I can help, inspire, or encourage someone else along the way. I will be writing about my faith in Christ, lovely things I find, and stories about my darling little one.

a little about me: I am often drinking copious amounts of coffee, teaching in my classroom, traveling, shopping, laughing with my husband, playing with my girl, and spending time with my amazing family.

Thanks for stopping by! Please say hello:)