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top five things to do in nashville with baby



top 5 things to do in Nashville with baby

We recently got back from our very first family vacay of three. The first stop was the beautiful and oh-so-hip Nashville, TN. I’ve been to Nashville several times and have done all of the touristy things–honkey tonks, Opry Mills, ect…. however, this time we stayed with some of our best friends who happen to be Music City locals. They took us around to some under the radar places with baby-in-tow.

Here are our top 5 family friendly things we did in Nashville with our little one.

1. music in the park

What would a trip to music city be without….. music?

Centennial Park Nashville has live music and food trucks on weekends, and it’s filled with families.  I would recommend walking far away from the stage and sitting near the Parthenon so that it’s not too loud for your little one–gotta protect their ear drums. 🙂

 2. the best ice cream

Jeni’s Ice Cream  – The most delicious ice cream I have ever had.  We went there on the spur of the moment, and I am so glad we did. All of the ingredients were fresh and made in store–including the waffles cones!

(don’t worry, I didn’t give baby any ice cream–she got her own organic vanilla blend later.)

3. fav local coffee spots

Three Brother’s Coffee

Ugly Mugs Coffee

Can’t go wrong with coffee at either of these places. One thing I loved about Three Brother’s is that it had a super hip wall you can take your so-not-staged-instagram-pics at.

While we were at Ugly Mugs, my husband spotted the bassist from Relient K. He chose not to bother him, but it was still pretty cool seeing a musician out and about in a local spot in east Nash!

4. quaint baby shop

Welcome Home Nashville

Right beside Ugly Mugs coffee is a quaint little “home goods” store. They happen to have the most darling baby section… complete with all my favorite baby things–little unicorn swaddles, jelly cat stuffed animals, and wooden toys. Be sure to check it out!

5. farmer’s market

Farmer’s Market   If you’re one of my faithful blog readers, you know I love markets. So it only made sense that we had to hit the local Nashville Farmer’s market– which is open every day! My baby was so content being pushed around in her stroller–she loved looking at all the sights and smelling the fresh flowers.

 I loved that all of the places listed above were filled with other families!

It was relaxing to walk in, and see babies with their mamas–instead of college students.

(of course there is nothing wrong with college kids, but it was comforting to know that if she had a screaming/crying fit, the other guests would more than likely understand–which helped keep me at ease. And if momma is happy, then everyone is happy.)

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What would you like to see in Nashville? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

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