four month update

Baby girl is now 4 months old!

Here’s a little update of our life with her thus far.

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Milestones:  She’s rolling over, people! I hate to admit it, but the first time she rolled over, we missed it. Just goes to show if you take your eyes off of them one second, anything can happen. And in this case, we missed our little one rolling over for her very first time.  Luckily for us, she did it a few days later!  I think she was very confused the first time  we clapped our hands and cheered very loudly for her. Her eyes got very big as we were applauding her like crazy.

We have hardwood floors in our house so we didn’t have a safe place for baby to roll around. I recently purchased the Skip Hop and Jump brand play mat. It makes for a safe place for us to put our baby girl down on the floor so she can practice her tummy time + roll over. I love that they aren’t the bright primary colors, like most playmats. I was really wanting the Land of Nod playmats, until I realized how expensive they were!  These seemed like a good alternative.


She can now grip things!  It’s been amazing to see her be able to actually grip things with her own littles hands. My favorite is when she reaches out to grab her daddy’s face. awwww.

Products We are Loving: 

  • Kangaroo Jumper| We recently purchased a little door jumpy thing for her  (I don’t know the technical name for those)  She loves it! I bought this little kangaroo one. The adorable tail sold me on it.  It’s for babies 4 months + up.
  • Lil’ Teethers Pacifier Clip for Boys & Girls, Fits Soothie, Mam, Nuk Pacifiers.|   I love this thing! I clip it to her car seat or shirt and her paci doesn’t drop to the ground.  It also has little teething beads on it and it works great for the Soothie brand pacifiers.
  • Skip Hop Geo Grey-Cream Playspot Foam Floor Tile Playmat, Chevron  | (as mentioned above!)
  • Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy |   I got this as a gift, and I now own several. One for the car, one for the nursery, ect.   She LOVES it! It is the only thing that will stop her from screaming or crying…. (other than momma’s milk, of course)  It plays Mozart and Beethoven and it has little flashing lights on it. And let’s be honest, I’m all about the classical music for babies.

Personality: This last month, we have seen our baby girl’s personality shine through for the first time! We are thinking she is a feisty one. Don’t know where she gets that from…..

She is giggling now, and it is the most beautiful sound in the whole world. She always wakes up so happy and is ready to play. Her daddy is off with us this summer, as we are both teachers, and it has been so much fun for her!   She is even happier throughout the day now–she has someone else to look at and play with besides momma!

Family of Three: Even though she’s only 4 months old, having her/ becoming a family of three has inspired me to get out and do more. I want her to have many wonderful experiences throughout her life—I don’t want to just sit around on the couch and stare at each other.  I kind of regret how much time I DID spend doing that before she was born. Life is but a vapor, and we need to get out and experience it.  I know she won’t remember things at this age, but by starting and doing this now, it might turn into a good habit. Plus, it’s just so much fun to be a little family together.  Some days I feel like I am playing house. But I am truly  living my dream-turned-into-reality.

This past Sunday, we went for a  family drive in the mountains and enjoyed a beautiful overlook.


It’s been an absolutely amazing past four months with my fiesty, full head o’ hair, sweet, silly baby girl.


I can’t believe I get to be her momma.


What are your favorite baby toys for a four month – 6 month old? I’d love more suggestions that help with her development.


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2 thoughts on “four month update

  1. Your baby girl is adorable! I agree to savor the moments. My boy is turning 11 months and oh gosh the past is like a blur. Let’s see at 4 months he couldn’t roll over yet, so good job Noelle! If you have your changing table on a table I would suggest moving it to the floor. When mine started rolling over, I was changing him and then I turn around to get his change of clothes, (2 secs!) then PLOP! I found him on our tiled floor 🙊🙉. He cried a bunch and I felt sooo bad. If you don’t have a ‘go to’ baby book I suggest the What to expect – the 1st years edition. I immediately flipped to the falls and injury section. He is fine to this date.

    1. Jane, oh my goodness I can’t believe that happened! I do have her on a changing table when I change her. YIKES. I would have been terrified as well. Thanks for the tips. I do have that book, it’s amazing! Thanks for saying she is adorable:)

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